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Student Paper Bridge Competition

Sponsored by Contech Engineered Solutions


1. The bridge must be built using three (3) 7” X 11” poster boards and 1 glue stick

(The poster boards and glue sticks will be provided).


2. The students will be responsible to supply scissors, rulers/straight edges and pencils. No other materials (hair dryer or fans) will be permitted.

3. Students can bring prepared models, “blueprints,” and/or plans with them.

4. The bridges must be built in the allotted 40 minutes.

5. The bridge must be able to adequately span a 12” opening. This means it must be able to remain on the testing device without falling through prior to the actual testing. The actual bridge must be longer than 12.”

6. The entire surface of the bridge must be FLAT (smooth, no ridges, no bumps, and an even surface - NO OVERLAPPING OF THE POSTER BOARD). Overlapping, bumps, etc. may occur underneath the bridge.

7. The entire bridge must be at least 2” wide (where a vehicle (an actual block) will be able to go through it). If the bridge is a covered bridge, it must allow the 2” high block to pass through it.

8. The bridge MUST support at least 1 pound with center-point loading. (If it doesn’t hold this amount, it will be eliminated). The bridge is considered failed when it:

a) deflects more than one (1) inch;

b) falls through or off the testing jig; or

c) it collapses.

9. Each bridge meeting the requirements (Items1-8) will be tested for strength. The bridges that obtain the highest strengths will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

10. Each bridge that meets the requirements (Items 1-8) will be judged for aesthetics. The bridges that the judges consider the most attractive will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in aesthetics. The bridge name will play a part in aesthetics judging. 

Paper Bridge: Text
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